Roadshow & Storage Management

With our own fleet of luxury trailers we command the necessary resources to provide logistical, storage, and repair services for trailers of all kinds, including those owned by other companies.

In recent years we’ve been delighted to provide logistical support to Cancer Research UK during their Cancer Awareness Roadshow, as well as many one off deliveries of display trailers for businesses exhibiting at Shows and events throughout the North and Scotland. On occasion this has also included caravan logistics. Should you have a trailer under 3.5 tons that’s road legal for towing by 4×4, we’re happy to provide you with a quote for transport and storage.

Our services are not simply restricted to our own trailers, as we are also happy to provide logistical support for other toilet or fridge trailer suppliers. This provides exceptional cover for those suppliers who are either too busy, or too far to entertain your requests. Waste removal services can also be provided for all on site event toilets. For further details of this service, please see our Vacuum Tanker Hire page, or contact us for a quote.